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The Potomac Greenough Community Center (PGCC) provides and encourages recreational, social, and educational programs for the people of Potomac and Greenough, and helps meet the broader needs of our community - including serving as a disaster relief center.  Welcome to our community!

Potomac School is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Potomac’s first schoolhouse was completed in 1888, but as the demand for better education grew within the community, the school trustees voted unanimously in 1912 to build a new school. A special election was held on bonding the $10,000 required, and in 1913, the new school house opened with 52 students in grades 1-12 and five teachers.  At the time, it was one of 186 brick built school houses in the state.  With accent on no-frills sturdy construction, the Potomac School continues to serve in much the same capacity as it did one hundred years ago: educating the children of the valley within a culture of excellence, preparing them for their future while accenting the small community experience.

Potomac is a small, rural community in the lower Blackfoot River Valley, located roughly 20 miles east of Missoula along Highway 200. 

We maintain the hard working ethic of our ancestors and are proud of our agricultural heritage.

Our community offers activities for everyone! 
Residents can join:
  • The Peacemakers Quilting Guild
  • Blackfoot Home and Community Club
  • Greenough Potomac Volunteer Fire Department
  • Potomac 4H
  • Potomac Parent Teacher Club
  • Potomac Boosters Club 
  • and more!