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The Potomac School District 11 playground and the PGCC gymnasium are the only community park / service facilities between Bonner and Seeley Lake in Missoula County.  These facilities serve a critical role and are used regularly by the community at large, but the community is lacking an appropriate space for healthy outdoor recreation.

In 2011, a 
Feasibility Study for the Potomac Community Recreation Complex -fondly called "The Hub" - was completed with financial support from the Spring 2011 Missoula County Park Board Capital Improvement Matching Grants program and donated professional services from local residents Dale Hinkle, PE and Alicia Vanderheiden.  Opportunities and constraints were assessed in the development of an outdoor recreation complex on an existing undeveloped plot of land owned by the School, and a Conceptual Plan was created with input from local Potomac/Greenough residents that is guiding fundraising and development efforts. 

The site is roughly 5 acres or 300 feet by 500 feet and is located in the SW ¼ of NE¼ of SE¼ Section 14 T13NR16W.  The lot is directly north of the PGCC and east of the School. We applaud the Hall family for their generosity and dedication to the health and viability of the community by selling this land.

oundbreaking activities were initiated the summer of 2012 thanks to support from the Jane S. Heman Foundation, Missoula County Parks and Rec, Plum Creek Foundation, Potomac Parent Teacher Club (PTC), Potomac Boosters Club and many donated hours by volunteers.

Phase I began with the construction of a new well (photo:left) and installation of an irrigation system. The School also cost-shared in the purchase of maintenance equipment (photo:below left)It will be completed Spring 2013 with moving/upgrading the baseball field and infrastructure, amending the soil, and conducting fine grading and planting on site.  Phase I activities will result in a large, grassed multi-purpose field that will be used by both youth and the community at large for school sports teams, informal recreation, education, and social gatherings.


Phase II focuses on filling / re-grading the borrow pit area and installing drainage at the southern edge of the lot - and grading the multi-lane dirt track around the perimeter of the fieldPhase II activities will result in the addition of an acre of useable space and the creation of a natural amphitheater on the southern slope.  This site will be used for recreation (summer sports and winter ice skating) and education (summer concerts and outdoor classroom).

Continuation of plan implementation in 2013 is with thanks to the Heman Foundation, Missoula County Parks & Trails, Blackfoot Telephone, Northwest Farm Credit Services, and Potomac PTC & Boosters.  Several other grant applications await award notification this spring/summer.  Click the link to view Press Releases.


Phase III includes completing the 400 meter track, football field and parking areas.  An all-weather open sided pavilion 24’ by 32’ and sheds for equipment and concessionaire area are also included in this phase.
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