Center Upgrades

Electrical upgrades needed due to increase demand on the system. Estimated cost of upgrade is $8,000-$10,000. 
Project completion date: May 2018. Electrical upgrades have been completed

Replacement of FRP, painting gym ceiling and walls, repairing floor damages, and repainting floor lines. Estimated cost of maintenance $5,000-$7,000
Projected completion date: August 2018
Replacement of the FRP has been completed

Addition of acoustic panels to improve energy, efficiency, and sound distribution in the gymnasium. Estimated cost $10,000.
Projected completion date: Pending

Replacement of original heating systems. Estimated cost of upgrade: $85,000.
Projected completion date: August 2021

Kitchen upgrades needed to meet Federal Standards for lunch program. Estimated cost of upgrade $25,000.
Projected completion date: Kitchen upgrade completed

Replacement of the protective padding. Estimated cost of upgrade $ 8,000-$10,000.
project completion date: Pending

Residing and reroofing the Community Center estimated cost $55,000. Completed 
Thank you Potomac School for donating $9,000 dollars toward the siding and roofing

The continued service the community center supplies relies heavily upon the resources and talents in our own community. If you are willing to donate time, talents, resources, or funds to help us reach our goals, we would be extremely grateful.